12 Aug 2020

Microsoft Defender Offline Scan

Microsoft Defender Offline Scan. অনেক সময় দেখা যায় আমাদের Windows কম্পিউটার বা ল্যাপটপে কিছু malware, rootkits, other highly persistent malware গুলো রিমুভ করতে পারে না। যার জন্য Microsoft তাদের নিজস্ব Antivirus এ দারুণ একটা নতুন সাভিস আমাদের জন্য চালু করেছে।

এই Microsoft Defender Offline Scan এর মাধ্যমে সেই সব malware, rootkits, other highly persistent malware রিমুভ করা যাবে। এই অপশনে আপনি আপনার পিসি স্ক্যান করলে পিসিটা রিস্টাট নিবে এবং তখন সেটা Command Prompt ( DOS Mode) রান হবে এবং সেই malware, rootkits, other highly persistent malware রিমুভ করবে।

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16 Apr 2020

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) Release new version 7.7.0

iThemes Security Release new version 7.7.0.

  • Important: iThemes Security requires PHP 5.6 or greater and WordPress 5.2 or greater.
  • New Feature: Save Time Securing WordPress With User Groups!
  • New Feature: Simplified connection flow when setting up iThemes Sync.
  • Enhancement: Add a warning if a WordPress Salt is set to an invalid value.
  • Enhancement: Include child log items in the logs list table. These are helpful for debugging issues.
  • Enhancement: Improve performance of the logs page on sites with large number of log items.

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25 Oct 2019

Eset Internet Security

Eset Internet Security. Some days ago I received the update of Eset Internet Security version 13 ( with some feature and improvement as follows:

  • Added: Advanced Machine Learning
  • Get better : Deep Behavioral Detection
  • Improved: Connected Home Monitor (EISESSP)
  • Raise: Password Manager (ESSP)
  • Become better: Disk Encryption (ESSP)
  • Changed: supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 and newer
  • Fixed: many other improvements and fixes
  • Extended Detection with HIPS
  • Improve Connected Home Monitor
  • The Lower Impact on System Resources
  • Stronger Protection with Advanced Machine Learning


However the Icon Menu its look like little bit too left and for me still a question about “The Startup Scanning Progress” activity indicated in the Icon on the taskbar still running after user Login even I have been deactivated  the Startup Scanning in the scheduler to not active in battery mode.

03 Oct 2018

Important Security Alert

Dear Web Hosting User,

Please note that few months before ransomware has infected 1000’s of systems around the world. Further to it, now compromised systems which are configured to access or download emails are used to hijack email ids. Using these hijacked email ids, hacker demand ransom. This is more prominent in email ids that have very very weak password or using same password for all email ids. If you receive any suspicious mail, please do not open or respond to that mail. Please check the headers in full and it might have come from other IPs. Such mails are reported common when users use simple email password without any special characters in them.

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