22 Oct 2017

Important: Password Security Policies

The password is the single most common security measure for digital systems, both online and off-line. The problem is that it is becoming increasingly less secure as hackers gain more and more powerful tools to simply crack them. A great deal of attention has gone towards the creation of secure passwords, what constitutes them, and whether or not it is feasible to retain a bunch of random alphanumerical strings inside your head all the time.

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19 Oct 2017

No Editor Option in Appearance

No Editor Option in under Appearance. How can you show Editor option under Appearance? Pleases check the below instruction. You will find right solution.


1. Go to your cPanel login page

2. Go to your cPanel public_html folder ( Someone call this root folder)

Example: www.yourdomain.com/cpanel

2. Go to wordpress install folder

3. Go to wp-config.php

4. Open wp-config.php file by PHP editor or cPanel edit option.

5. Find this code define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

6. Change this code to define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, false );

7. Done.

Now check your WordPress admin panel www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Then

check Appearance>Editor


Have a nice coding… 🙂

18 Oct 2017

Best Hosting Service Provider

I keep recommending APT COM Hosting for the simple reason that it has the best support I have found in the IT business. Individuals like Tohide, who take the time to understand the customer, makes a true effort to provide the assistance one needs and then walks that extra step by accommodating the customer. Thanks Tohide. and the management for providing a great product and not just a nice commercial. Other businesses should learn from you.

18 Oct 2017

Solve My Problem Properly

Today I contacted Support about email problem on new site. I Chatted with Rafiza and she was very patient and helpful. She talked me through possible solutions to the problem. The final change had an expected propagation delay of 4-6 hours and I’m pleased to say that it appears the problem is resolved. I appreciate her hep, thank you.

18 Oct 2017
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