16 Apr

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) Release new version 7.7.0

iThemes Security Release new version 7.7.0.

  • Important: iThemes Security requires PHP 5.6 or greater and WordPress 5.2 or greater.
  • New Feature: Save Time Securing WordPress With User Groups!
  • New Feature: Simplified connection flow when setting up iThemes Sync.
  • Enhancement: Add a warning if a WordPress Salt is set to an invalid value.
  • Enhancement: Include child log items in the logs list table. These are helpful for debugging issues.
  • Enhancement: Improve performance of the logs page on sites with large number of log items.

  • Enhancement: Check tables exist after completing a DB upgrade.
  • Tweak: When logging $_SERVER, only log a snapshot of available properties.
  • Bug Fix: The “Multisite Tweaks -> Hide Updates” setting prevented auto-updates from running with WP Cron.
  • Bug Fix: Backup event was not added when the WP Cron Scheduler was reset manually.
  • Bug Fix: Admin Notices Popover was not being hidden when clicking outside the Popover on WP 5.3.
  • Bug Fix: New Password Requirements for already created accounts were not enforced until the second login.
  • Bug Fix: Update admin notices styling to be compatible with WordPress 5.4.
  • Bug Fix: Periodically clear expired opaque tokens.
  • Bug Fix: Don’t block registration page when “wp-signup.php” is the Hide Backend register slug.
  • Bug Fix: Users with weak passwords would not be forced to change their password if the strong password requirement had been enabled after their password strength was checked.
  • Bug Fix: Remove “get_magic_quotes()” call that existed for backwards compatibility with PHP versions 5.3 and earlier. This function call was causing a warning on PHP 7.4.
  • Bug Fix: Warning when loading the settings page on PHP 7.4.
  • Bug Fix: Warning when loading the debug page on PHP 7.4.

iThemes Security Release new version 7.7.0.


Credit: iTheme Security Plugin Page.

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